Enjoy an Old Fashioned Christmas this year, with holiday wreaths, canes and seasonal gifts from Dickens Farms, Inc., in downeast Eastbrook, Maine!

Dickens Farms, located in Eastbrook, the heart of Downeast Maine, is surrounded by rolling hills forested with lush, fragrant balsam fir. It is from these trees that our wreaths, garlands, canes and holiday gift items. Boughs and branches are trimmed from living trees without harm to the tree. All our balsam products at Dickens Farms are cut fresh from native Downeast Maine balsam trees. These fragrant, fresh, natural decorations bring the warmth and spirit of Christmas into your home. Enhance your holiday season this year with Dickens Farms wreaths and have a "Dickens" of a Christmas! Shop our wreaths, canes and holiday gifts!